Alternative Power

The EZR33 router can also use the other power sources like PoE switch and 12~24volt DC power.

i. PoE Switch

You can use an IEEE802.3af/at standard PoE switch to power up the 4G router. Connect the 4G router to one of the PoE ports on the PoE switch.

To provide an Internet signal from the 4G router to the devices connected to the other PoE ports, you need to use the non-isolated PoE switch.

To receive the internet signal provided from the Uplink port on the PoE switch, please bind eth1 to the WAN interface (the same as the AP mode on 3.3.4).

Outdoor router and PoE switch connections

4-Port Gigabit PoE Switch 🔗

ii. 12-24 Volt Power

The DC socket on the EZR33 router can take DC power from 9-Volt to 48-Volt.

If your PoE power source is 12~24 volt, use a PoE splitter to separate the LAN and DC jack, then connect the DC jack to the DC socket on the EZR33 motherboard.

If you do not need to output an Ethernet signal from the 4G router and not to use a PoE power source, please connect the outdoor router sales team to exchange the PoE base socket to a waterproof DC socket.

iii. Bypass PoE Socket

Please do not twist the PoE base socket when the internet wire is connecting to the motherboard. It might break the wires and disable the connections of the DC power supply or LAN Ethernet.

If the green indicator on the PoE indicator stays green but the router does not boot up, or the computer does not obtain a correct IP address (which usually starts with, please try to bypass the PoE base socket on the router as the below image shows.

If the bypass connection works well on both the DC power supply and LAN Ethernet connection but does not work with the base socket, please contact our sales team to get a replacement of the PoE base socket.

Bypass PoE base socket on outdoor 4G router